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QS Series Double-shot Planck Keyset

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Image of QS Series Double-shot Planck Keyset
  • Image of QS Series Double-shot Planck Keyset

Available to buy for the first time ever, these keycaps are made by Devlin, based in the UK Devlin produce thick, high quality keycaps that hark back to the days of retro keyboards.

The legends on this beige, pebble grey and mint green set are double-shot, clear and crisp and will never fade.

These keycaps are in QS-Series profile, never available before to purchase, the profile is similar to Signature Plastics' DSA profile which slightly blocker edges. These key-caps are also sculpted but only feature two different rows, (2 different key shapes) and are a very comfortable typing experience.

Please Note: There are no homing bars on the F and J keys. These keys have also been slightly used, with shine visible on the 'Y' 1u key and 'Clear' spacebar (set includes alternative spacebars)

Each Planck keysets includes 50x 1u and 3x 2u sized keycaps.