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Refunds & Returns

All items are available for returns. You may return items up-to 14 days after you have received them for a full refund. Refunds will not be offered for items that are not returned, or returned in a damaged state.

If placing a pre-order or participating in a group-buy, you may cancel for a refund at any time. Due to the nature of pre-orders and group-buys, a small fee of 3.5% of the value of the order is levied for all cancelled orders of this type. This fee also applies to all orders that have yet to be shipped. This fee covers the refund fee charged by the payment processor and is not retained by UKKeycaps. If a pre-order has already shipped, you will need to return the goods to be refunded as per the usual return policy.

All goods are offered with a 30 day warranty. This does not include items which have been modified (e.g. soldered) or otherwise customised.

To return an item, email via the contact page with your order number and the return information will be supplied. In almost all cases the customer pays the return postage, funding for return postage is not supplied in any form, such as a pre-paid label, and the customer agrees to return the item in a suitable way via a suitable courier. The customer is responsible for any damaged an item receives during transit when returning an item.

Damaged items: UKKecyaps and MechSupply are happy to replace any damaged items or provide replacement keys incase of defects. Acceptable defects covered by this policy included mis-printed legends, misformed keys and deep scratches. This policy does not cover extremely minor issues or features of keys that customers may not like aesthetically such as sprue marks or other minor issues which do not effect the overall quality of the product. Photo evidence may be required for any damage or defect claims.

Chargebacks & Disputes: If you initiate a chargeback without prior appropriate communication to attempt to resolve the issue, the above information is no longer relevant and the dispute will be settled by the bank. UKKeycaps will submit all available evidence to protect itself from the dispute and any potential fraud. If a chargeback is settled against a customer, Stripe (payment processer) considers the matter settled and a refund beyond this point is not possible. Any chargeback will result in all future transactions from your card, IP address, name and email address to be blocked.