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BSP Pastel Accents


Image of BSP Pastel Accents
  • Image of BSP Pastel Accents

Make your own keyset with BSP Pastel Accents, a set that comprises of a full Planck/Preonic classic beige keyset with an assortment of accent keys to mix and match.

This is potentially the last ever keyset to be made available from BSP, since they have now ceased keycap production. BSP are one of the oldest and highest quality keycap makers around, producing thick Cherry profile PBT caps.

BSP Pastel Accents includes yellow, blue and green pastel keycaps with at least 2 keycaps per row, except for blue, which does not include row 2 caps. This allows for almost any design you want! BSP do not produce row 4 2u keys, so these keys are instead a colour matching key from GMK.

There are no row 4 blue keys remaining - the kit diagram has been updated

Key Facts:
Manufacturer: BSP
Profile: Cherry
Legend Type: Blank
Material: PBT